Grayshot, PALMS, A Careless Skyline, FUTUREKIND

Tue, March 19, 2013

6:30 pm


Mesa, AZ


American alternative-rock trio Grayshot consists of Aaron Ankrum, Christian Ankrum and Nathan Cousins. The band mates spent the better part of 2011 and early 2012 producing, recording and mixing their new record in their Northeast Minneapolis studio.

Early touring as a young band followed by a few years spent as supporting musicians for other regional and national artists has resulted in a band that is able to deliver a fantastic live show. They took this live experience into the studio along with an unwavering dedication to making a record full of songs they believe in. The result is their first full length album titled Stay/Go. The record will be available mid-May.
"a soothing, richly layered bundle of polished pop rock."
-Michael L. Walsh, CityPages

"An unsigned band that's something special."
-InTune Monthly
A Careless Skyline
A Careless Skyline

A Careless Skyline is from Phoenix AZ and is made up of Mike Young, Jordan Robinson, Justin Lucia, Sebastian LaTempa and Tyler Johnson. All of the members have come from different backgrounds of music ranging from punk-rock to techno. Mike and Justin originally started the band in early 2009. They added Jordan and decided to switch their style of music to electro-pop rock. Jordan added the energy and craziness the band needed. Everything was in place but a drummer. After a few failed drummer attempts they found Tyler. He had a perfect mesh with the band and as soon as they perfected some songs, they started performing at different venues throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California. Today, they are working on the finishing touches of their first EP!
Forged by a passion for the gorgeously strange alchemy of electronic music and shimmering pop, FutureKind has carved a unique path through the blistering desert since the mid 2000s.

The Phoenix-based band's lush layered sound recalls the glory days of trip-hop while simultaneously stretching the outer limits of contemporary esoteric dream pop. Even though they favor a complex and rich amalgam of styles, FutureKind's music is without pretense and always approachable.

To say that music is an essential part of the band is a dramatic understatement. Lead vocalist and lyricist Thalia Williams' achingly beautiful voice is not just her instrument, but rather a visceral extension of how consequential music is to her life. Williams' warm nuanced delivery shines a light on the otherwise dark corners inherent in electronica. It's this duality in FutureKind's instrumentation and forlorn lyricism that makes them special—an undeniable optimism floating over a dark ocean of sounds.

As a veteran musician armed with a variety of playing styles, including classical, guitarist and lead programmer Gabriel Santa-Cruz serves as the thrilling catalyst for the group as he demonstrates a surgeon-like precision. The artisanal approach to the programming by Santa-Cruz showcases the band's handmade quality—an organic treatment to create a digital soundscape.

At the literal and figurative heart of FutureKind is bassist, Frankie Escalante. A gifted musician, Escalante is equally at home on double bass as he is on his fretless one. Influenced by classic jazz, Motown-era funk and even aggressive punk, the key to Escalante's playing and the foundational element of FutureKind, is the overall thump of canyon-deep bass lines.

With disparate influences as varied as Sci-Fi literature and cinema, in addition to postmodern electronic experimentation and the undeniable charm of pop music, the band comes together to form a genuine apex of creative expression. If Jules Verne were flying into the vast darkness of outer space on a battleship accompanied by the Space Oddity himself, FutureKind would no doubt provide the soundtrack as they welcomed the unknown with gleeful optimism.

Futurekind has shared the stage w/: International & National Acts: Husky Rescue, Asobi Seksu, Mosquitos, Oppenheimer, Judah Johnson, Maria Taylor, Six Parts Seven, Voxtrot, the Besnard Lakes, Kitten, A Silent Film and Au Revoir Simone.

Media Says:
If you've ever read author Tom Wolfe's seminal classic "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" you'll love FutureKind.
- URB Magazine

They're innovative and experimental, yet at the same time, they strive to be organic and melodic.
- Electronic Musician Magazine

Music Featured on:
*TuneTank ElectroDance Express Compilation CD
*Trance Fury Radio (
*Well Rounded Radio
*Indie Life Radio
*Radio Phoenix
Venue Information:
105 W. Main Street
Mesa, AZ, 85201