My Iron Lung, Vales

My Iron Lung


Eons, Settle Down, Temples

Sun, April 7, 2013

6:30 pm

The Shred Shed

Salt Lake City, Utah

$8.00 - $10.00

Temples is the solo recording project of Kevin Michael Richards. This was begun in the winter of 2007 with a series of home recordings which were later released as CD-Rs on Anthony Milton's Pseudo Arcana label, as well as the Reverb Worship label.

The focus of this project is upon the use of sound and dimension in order to create an experiential music that is centered more on the creation of spaces than songs. Utilizing his main instrument of choice, the guitar, and various improvisational structures, he attempts to create a musical "experience" in live settings that is meant to leave the listener with a feeling of being literally "in" the music through the use of amplifier placement, volume, and stereo effects. There has also been an ongoing fascination with the idea of "musical telepathy," circular musical structures and symbolism, and other aspects of the human experience and its affects on the performance and enjoyment of music.

He has long been a student of various forms of improvisational music and composition in both formal and informal settings and across genres. Richards graduated from Interlochen Arts Accademy where he studied jazz guitar performance, and later received in B.S. in the same subject at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Richards has recently performed with, or shared the stage with some of the following artists under the Temples moniker, as well as with some of the other projects he has been a part of: Jandek, Shearing Pinx, Ecstatic Sunshine, Mythical Beast, Child Pornography, Pink Reason, Expo 70, Theusaisamonster, Miami Nights, Gowns, Soft Circle, The High Places, Mika Miko, Marnie Stern, Gang Gang Dance, Mick Barr, Meneguar, The Dead Science, Barn Owl, Married in Berdichev, Picture Plane, BDRMPPL, Polar Goldie Cats, Kevin Shields (from L.A., not U.K.), Jack Wright, Eat Skull, and a bunch of other currently lesser known bands and artists from across the country who are equally as kick ass.
Venue Information:
The Shred Shed
60 E Exchange Place
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111